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vlinder flower
Engelse welkomsttekst

Welcome to the Cruydt-hoeck website
Unfortunately, at this moment there is only a Dutch version of the site. In the future, however, we intend to offer the website in several languages.
On our website we offer seeds and seeds mixtures of wild plants indigenous in The Netherlands and Belgium. We also supply seeds of a wide range of special garden plants.
Obviously, the scientific names of all species on this website are given. If you are interested in our seeds, please contact us on the e-mail address below, preferably in English. We will be happy to help you.

Abbendijk 6
8422 DL Nijeberkoop
The Netherlands
E-mail: [email protected]

Translating the website:
There are several functions which can help you translating this website in a reasonably adequate way. Mistakes may and will be made then, of course.

Applicable translation tools:
Download Google Chrome (http://www.google.com/chrome/)
If you might not wish to download Chrome, we suggest you use Google Translate. (http://translate.google.com/)